Amyntaion is a town near Florina (33 kilometers from Florina). It is the seat of the municipality Amyntaiou under the apografitou 2001 has a population of 3,636 inhabitants . Major monuments prehistoric settlement Agios Panteleimon , the Hellenistic city of Petron , the Byzantine and post-Byzantine monuments . The lakes Vegoritida and Petron are important wetlands and critical infrastructures have developed alternative tourism . The area is also characterized by the wineries , while the namesake Municipal District bottled mineral water Sour Water.


It has not been accurate when first inhabited the area . The archaeological excavations confirm existence of a settlement in the north of Lake Petron dating from the Iron Age , while the southwestern side of the same lake and a hill named Gkratista city flourished during the Hellenistic period . The city controlled the passage of Lygkistida in Eordea ie the passage from the top to the bottom Macedonia . However in the middle of the 18th century created the first organized residential core Amindeon when families from the surrounding highlands descended on the fertile valley near the lakes .

During Roman times the area is booming town called Kella without having determined the position. In the late 18th century by Ali Pasha of Ioannina is the main area . After the death of Turkish Albanians into the hands of a sultan's adjutant and towards the end of the 19th century manor is Reouf Pasha . The residents of the area took part in the Macedonian struggle and saw him released from the advance of the Greek army to the Abbey in November 1912. Great Makedonomachos from Amynteo was Alexander Hatzis [1 ] [2 ] . The demographic map of the area changed in the late 1910s when the Tourkoikatoikoi retire and are replaced by Greeks of Pontus .

The fate of the region is changing with the advent of the railroad . In 1892 the sultan decides to extend the railway line Thessalonikismechri Constantinople Monastery . The French company that undertakes the project will pave the line passes from Amynteo . The railroad makes the city as one of the major economic centers of Western Macedonia . The boom keeps it until the mid 20th century .

The current municipality came from the combination of the Municipality Amyntaiou , which is the headquarters of the enlarged municipality , with seven ( 7) former communities.

The train station , 1894

Former TAB form the current municipality Amyntaiou are:

Amynteo ( municipal seat )
Municipal District of St. Panteleimon
Municipal District Kellis
Municipal District Keys
Municipal District sour - Water
Municipal District Petron
Municipal District of Roses
Municipal Office Lamp
In Amyntaiou municipality also includes the villages of Sotira and Ascension .


The name of the town in the 15th century was Syrovitsevo . This name occurs with different variations until the liberation from the Turks . Listed as Sourovitsevo , Sourovits and finally Sorovits . This name is associated with the mineral water source of the neighboring Xynou Water Cf . Souroti and Thessaloniki. Renamed in 1928 [3 ] in Amynteo , in honor of the local lord of Lygistida and general of Alexander the Great, Amyntas . [4 ]


The Municipality Amyntaiou located in the southwestern part of the prefecture of Florina and has a total area of ​​240,141 ha The area of the municipality is characterized as mountainous - semi excluding farms Amindeon and Roses , which are predominantly lowlands .


The lake Vegoritida or Ostrovou has a supra- character as administratively belongs to the prefectures of Pella and Florina and municipalities Amyntaiou , Philotas and Vegotitidas . Surrounded by mountains Bern, North and Vermio and is the lowest point of the cluster of lakes Zazari , Cheimaditida and Petron , which receives water through a system of canals and tunnels .

Along with the other lakes in the region was an important productive core , around which settlements arose from early antiquity . This is documented by random , surface finds , although so far not been promoted systematic archaeological research. Beyond the narrow productive importance was and still is a place of great natural beauty that attracted a significant number of visitors , thus obtaining a new production this matter to a second level . The steep banks of an ideal haven for a multitude of wild birds , such as aspropapides , the dwarf and the globally threatened Lesser Kestrel and designated as a Site of Community Importance in the European Ecological Network Natura 2000. The lake is an ideal fishing ground with common types of the carp , the korigono , the pike , the platikes , the catfish and roach .

Lake Petron

Lake Petron as Vegoritis can only be associated with a settlement. The lake is relatively shallow , maximum depth of 3.5 m , located in the Southwest of Vegoritida , which is connected via a canal and tunnel and occupies an area of ​​14 km2 . The wider ecosystem of lakes with the adjacent mountains and the wine area , constituting the unique landscape of the area , while designated as a Site of Community Importance in the European Ecological Network Natura 2000, because of living more than 130 species of birds of prey and rarely with the pygmy cormorant and LWfG . The particular importance for bird protection of one of the three best in the European Union for the pygmy cormorant breeding colonies and LWfG led the competent services of the EU to include Lake Petron program LIFE Protection pygmy cormorant and LWfG .


The mountains surrounding the basin area Amyntaiou create , in conjunction with its lakes and Petron Vegoritida a unique landscape . The RANTOS , the stork , the foot Vora , and smaller mountains in the region , apart from the impressive formations , are places of living birds ( partridges , rare birds of prey , etc. ) and mammals ( wolves , wild boars , bears, foxes , etc. . ) .

With the development of alternative tourism have created and continually improved infrastructure to serve visitors as hiking trails , forest recreation areas etc. , where visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature.


The total population of the municipality is Amyntaiou , according to the 2001 census , 8,378 inhabitants . Calculated estimate that residents currently exceed 10,000 and the population during the peak season ( summer) is approximately 12,500 residents. The demographic characteristics of the site show the dynamics of the situation and the local community in relation to the economy , the culture, the development. The demographic characteristics of the municipality Amintaiou , showing an area with normal age distribution of the population, which may contribute to the further development of the municipality.



The plateau Amindeon is one of the most important wine-growing areas of Greece and viticulture has its roots in antiquity . The findings of the area and the traditional worship Dionysoukai of St. Tryphon in Christian times confirm the relationship vine and Amyntaiou .

The vineyard Amindeon is the most continental zone of Greece , lies at an altitude of 650 meters and comprises 7,500 acres . The region is dominated by the fine selection Xinomavro called and Popolka . In 1972, red wine and sparkling wine Amyntaiou joined wines Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality , and from 1995 the same denomination and joined the rosé wine . Prerequisite grapes come from the designated area OPAP Amyntaiou and is the variety Xinomavro . For red wines defined necessarily matured in oak barrels for at least one year. The unique rose ellinikosoinos belonging to category vqprd, which covered the Greek wines Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality ( OPAP ) , produced in the border region Amindeon . In the vineyards of this region cultivated the fine selection Xinomavro , that the same variety in the vineyards of Naoussa , the Goumenissas and Rapsanis gives wines of the same class, but red . Some winemakers also make a white wine made from the red grape variety " Xinomavro " . These wines are called Blanc de Noirs.

The 600 to 750 meters altitude are many bodies of water, the hilly areas exposed to winds , sloping sandy and light soils, climates overwinter in the snow , the large temperature difference between day and night , make the characteristics that are assigned the successful outcome of the local wine . In avoiding the use of pesticides , which makes growing almost organic .

The winery was established in 1960 to meet the needs of winegrowers in the region . In the long course achieved the recognition of local wine at international level, with specialized staff helped the wine-grower to improve the quality of their products . Also was that after strenuous efforts succeeded in identifying the growing zone Amyntaiou zone Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality . It is the only Greek cooperative winery that operates to standards of IZO 9OO2 and today is bottling 750,000 bottles directly targeting 1,500,000. Even bottles of rosé wine OPAP and on behalf of other firms bottling wines , such as wine and winemaking Tsantali Megapanou .

Since 2002 the winery operator of the local tradition in the production of raki produces and bottles the traditional product called SPIRITO. The winery is a member of E.NO.A.M and participating in the Wine Roads of Macedonia , and since 2001 was visited and specially designed areas , may accept a substantial number of visitors.

Browsers like Tzelempi and Pukevil flaunting the vineyards of the region while the 3rd Century AD Athenaeus praises the Kellino light wine . When Ali Pasha becomes the main area supplied products vines from the vineyards , while during the Balkan wars Spyros Melas refers to the fine wine Sorovits . Even in the heyday of the city there are dealers who distribute the wine to the Monastery Belgrade and Vienna .

Network of municipality of Amyntaion

The Municipality Amyntaiou Florina Prefecture has established the eponymous town and consists of Districts : St. Panteleimon , Kellis , Key , sour water, stone , Roses , and lamps. The call 105 , the City has implemented a Amyntaiou Wireless broadband local access networks , the total budget 84.728,00 €. This network provides high -speed network services principle areas of Public Administration , Education and Sport.

Network Topology

In operation of the network has been adopted the free frequency band of 5,4 GHz (UNII Band) using the protocol IEEE 802.11a, which supports speeds of from 6 to 54 Mbps. The aforementioned preferred frequency band than in the 2,4 GHz (ISM Band) for reasons relating to quality of service, the interface speeds , the distances are achieved these speeds , and interference from and to existing networks .

The following table details the interconnection points of the network:

A / A Point Type Interface Node 1 Central Hall 2 Pure Municipal Commercial -Industrial " Sour Water" Distribution 3 Municipal Local Office St. Panteleimon Terminal 4 Local Municipal office Petron Terminal 5 Primary Training Centre ( KEK ) - TEE - High School Musical Terminal 6 Sheds technical staff municipality Terminal 7 Youth Information Centre Terminal 8 Local Municipal office Tart Water Terminal 9 Local Municipal office Kellis Terminal 10 Local Municipal office Roses Terminal 11 Municipal Sports Center Terminal 12 purification plants Terminal 13 Terminal 14 Amyntaiou Gymnasium Lyceum Amyntaiou Terminal 15 Tank Water St. Panteleimon Relay Transponder 16 TV signals Saint Panteleimon Relay 17 New Water Tank Kellis

Aggregate Wireless Broadband local access of the Municipality Amyntaiou consists of :

one (1 ) hub
one (1) distribution hub
three (3 ) relay nodes
twelve ( 12) terminals
Moreover, under the additional action , four (4 ) Wireless Access Points, which operate at a frequency of 2,4 GHz, installed at selected locations , enabling wireless access to the Internet via separate from this Network "SYZEFXIS », ADSL line . This access is free and available in the central squares of Municipal Districts : St. Panteleimon Amyntaiou , Kellis and Roses