As a result of extensive vines in the region in recent years founded and operated several private wineries - after all the oldest winery in the area, this EAS Amyntaiou - which absorb a significant part of the production . The productive activity , but their configuration as visitation area by conducting tours and tasting events are instrumental in upgrading the wine profile of the region on a national and international level.


However, apart from wine production wineries , spatial wine is an important activity of the area growers , who produce quality wines in the cellars of their homes . Important also is the production of raki at household level with traditional distilleries - cauldrons . Indeed , in recent years the production process raki in December has become institutionalized nature of the event with support from all local agencies with promotional activities and attracting visitors to the area .

The wineries are:

Wine Vegoritis
UAC Amyntaiou
Alpha Estate
Domaine Paul
Kir Yianni
Wine Karanika
winery Mylonas
winery Hatzis