In this area , everyone seems to conspire in order not only to invited guests and others as magefthoun Odyssey to the charms of Florina and do not want to ever leave ...

Not only is diverse and unspoilt natural environment , the artwork of people, daily activities yesterday made ​​anymore ... it's tradition and culinary delicacies . Who knows the sweets , which tend to be longer ... designation of origin ! Secret recipe ... nature .

The elephant beans and giants from Florina is the main ingredient of the famous traditional Greek recipe , the famous bean soup . Sure enough know that baked in the oven ( tava or baked ) or made ​​salad . It is arguably very healthy and nutritious food and easily find its place in the Mediterranean diet and diaita.Ta elephant beans and giants of the same Greek bean variety of excellent quality. The differentiation between the two categories is based on the size and superb quality due to the combination of the climate and geology of the district is 1994 Greece recognized the elephant beans and giants Florina as a Protected Designation of Origin. The competent committee of the European Union recognized them as a Protected Geographical Indication .
Locals tend to accompany the bean soup , the baked beans or salad , with native cheeses . Although the whole area is highly developed animal husbandry areas like Krystallopigi and Kelli particularly famous for their cheese . Cheese makes man since ancient times . In mythology the cyclops Polyphemus cited as the first cheesemaker . Aristotle and Dioscorides gave the first recipes for cheese production and our cheesemakers recipes faithfully preserve the Macedonian gis.Mia quick tour of the county is able to convince us that people here are self-sufficient. With high- quality livestock , the sheep , and cattle and fishing cover their daily needs in meat from local production.


  However , renowned for the quality and taste are both peppers , and potatoes . Something that is common in other areas of Greece is that every village in Florina has for " trademark" of a product. Thus , unique peppers considered by eagle and potatoes of Sklithro . In recent years made ​​events to honor these local products. And really guests will have the chance to find the Eagle and Sklithro in these events will not regret it ... and oenophiles , captives of magical attraction for wine and culture attaché n will u breasts Roads wine of Macedonia .

The Wine Roads of Macedonia are pioneering tour program anaptychthike.I list of local products is endless ... but if you want to buy something unique , something that no corner not only tisElladas and the whole world will encounter is the homemade candles Florina . The waxwork Florina is a tradition that starts from Byzantium and the art is still practicing some craftsmen , just as inherited from their fathers . Genuine beeswax , after whitened with clothesline in the sun is converted into string and then into original designs and sizes , sometimes basket before cross, sometimes gospel ... and sometimes shape the inexhaustible imagination of the artist ... These waxes accompanying each worship event and non resident ... None of the Florina will not forget the basket of brilliant , even when placed small red egg and motive to the church to hear the joyful Christ is Risen ...