For the duration of the project, 4 joint meetings will be held between the two partners (Municipality of Demir Kapija and Chamber of Florina), for coordination of the activities. Both partners will participate in creation of the joint website and database. Together they will develop the logo of the project, promotion material and each partner will issue press releases for their share of activities in the project.
Municipality of Demir Kapija will put at disposal the building for the education center, will establish foundation for its management, will undertake activities for reconstruction and furnishing of the center with participation of representatives from project partner.

Demir Kapija will work on development of modules, publishing of education manual,5 year action plan,8 seminars organised and 2 of the seminars for local administration and trainers will be organized together with the Chamber of Florina.Chamber of Florina will ,organise familiriazation trip,bring staceholders to 1 seminar in Demir Kapija,participate in the forum and conference,bouth partner will create a network between stakeholders.

Demir Kapija will organize international conference and forum where the Chamber of Florina will have its representatives and will create the network of stakeholders in tourism sector.

The two partners will be in coordination for the whole project duration, will be developping the network and work on education of tourism stakeholders.