OLP will use an old building, do the reconstruction works and furnish it with the necessary equimpent in order to turn it into an operational education center. During the reconstruction period OLP will also develop training modules that will be used for conduction of the seminarss and production of the education manual,and 5 year action plan. 8 seminarss will be held in the reconstructed fully furnished center and the Greek FLP will have 20 participants attending the seminars. 2 of the seminarss will be held in Florina, organized by the Greek FLP together with OLP. The OLP will establish a new Foundation which will be responsible for future management of the education center and will be the legal succesor of the project equipment. This will secure sustainability of the center in the long run.

Two partners (Demir Kapija & Chamber of Florina) will jointly develop database of tourism stakeholders in the border area which will furthter be used for joint creation of the website. This website will be used not only for information and publicity purposes, but also as a promotion tool for tourism attractions of the border area. Partners will aslo jointly develop logo, posters and leaflets which together with regular press releases, publications in the media and press conferences will inform the stakeholders and the public for project implementation progress. In order to better understand and promote tourism potentials on both sides of the border, familiarization trip will be organized for journalist and tour operators. Once the education center is established and functional, next step is networking of the tourism stakeholders from both sides of the border which will be done by organizing an international conference and the forum. 

This conference will be organized with international participants - representatives of european wine routes - cultural routes and institutions and will contribute to cross border but also international networking of tourism entities from Vardar and Florina region. The goal of the forum is to create a network of tourism stakeholders in the border area which will further work on joint marketing of tourism products around the world.