According to the cross border program IPA – Greece 2007/2013, professional education and training of human resources is not distributed equally. Almost every institution for professional education and training is concentrated in Thessaloniki, while the regional centers have bodies with limited capacity. There are no specialized centers for adult education. In the area of research and development there are no data on regional level.
Research and development are concentrated in the prefectures and areas where are the seats of the most important universities (Pelagonija and Thessaloniki). In Vardar region such institutions do not exist. Related to the priority 2: economic development and employment, including activities as cooperation between companies, promoting of cultural and tourist resources and new possibilities for employment, we believe that this project is necessary for fulfillment of the program goals.

In Tikvesh region, as well as in the region of Florina, there are no centers for education in the field of tourism. According to the SWOT analysis in the same program there is a number of weakness detected in the cross border area FYROM-GREECE:
Sub-regions highly dependant on traditional agriculture
Low level of innovation in industry
High level of unemployment in specific rural areas
The European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme enables people at all stages of their lives to take part in stimulating learning experiences, as well as helping to develop the education and training sector across Europe.

Due to all the above stated reasons, it is necessary to create a Center for education (training) in the field of tourism and to create a network of stakeholders in tourism. This will help solve the unemployment problem in specific rural areas, by giving the local population the access to professional education, adult education and self employment. It will also encourage companies to invest in human resources, thus increasing innovation and competitiveness on the world market. Networking will enable exchange of experience, marketing of products and services, and expansion of the cultural routes network in EU, using the international conference which will be organized with the Institute for European cultural routes in the frames of this project.