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Great success sealed the 1st seminar in Florina which was held recently during the period 26 - 28 April 2013. The seminar was organized by the Chamber of Florina, under the European Territorial Cooperation Programme. The project CENET -which is co-funded by the European Union- refers to the tourism cooperation and training of border regions.

It consists of two (2) seminars which took place in Florina during the period April - June 2013.

The subject of this seminar was “Development of tourism product” and executives of both project partners participated as trainees. Given the high value and utility of contributions and other procedures, local tourist and other agents and journalists from both regions were invited.

The aim of this seminar was to inform and educate participants on tourism development areas of the project «CENET». Upon completion the participants gained a clear picture of tourism perspective of their areas and are able to plan and establish a new tourism product and to improve any inadequate practices.

The program included tours to places of tourist interest of the respective region. In Florina, the mission had the opportunity to visit the region of Nymfaion visiting the tour information center for Bear (Nikios School) and the "Refugee camp of Bear" of the nonprofit organization 'Arcturus'. After this, a lunch was offered at a local restaurant in Nymfaion

The hospitality was excellent and the President of the Chamber, Mr. Sapalidis but also and other board members escorted and cared for the needs of the mission.