Prespa National Forest was created in 1974 . Protected by Greek , European and international conventions , and Lake Prespa small protected by the Ramsar Convention as a wetland only .

In 1991 he created the Society for the Protection of Prespa with the help of WWF -supported efforts of local people to reveal and protect the natural resources of their region .

Prespa can find more than 1500 species of plants and a cluster centenarian stinking juniper .

Regarding the most important bird population is the presence of pelicans namely pelican considered quite rare species worldwide.

In 12 villages of Prespa ( Mikrolimni , beech , Karyes Portal , Neck , Fishermen , St. German , etc. ) currently occupy 1,200 people. Derive their income primarily from fishing, farming , agriculture and tourism . Here all produced cereals and beans famous Prespa .

Guests can explore the lakes with the typical boats called " plaves " wooden boats coated with tar replaced slowly - slowly than modern boats. The boatmen of the village fishermen , make all year tours in Prespa , providing the opportunity for visitors to admire the carved rock Prespa hermitages , ie small monidria of hermits . The One-room tiled rooms decorated with frescoes on the rocks encountered coming out of the Gulf Fishermen's Bastion, which date back to 1455/6 and 1373 respectively . Off the lake we find the hermitage of the transformation saves the church narthex and ancillary areas . Last , before the Albanian border , is the hermitage of the Virgin Merciful and dates from 1409-1410 . Visitors can admire the rich flora of the region , as large numbers of waterfowl and wading birds . A ride on the boat in Little Prespa during the summer , will give you unforgettable images Crossing among the lilies.

agios ahilleios.jpg

Guests can walk through the floating footbridge ( 650 m ) to reach the island of Saint Achilles located in the Small Prespa. The island has few inhabitants and is one of the most beautiful lake and few villages inhabited . The island is the church of St. Achilleus from the late 10th century . , As well as the tomb of Saint Achilles . There was carrying the Bulgarian Tsar Samuel of the city of Larissa the relics of the bishop , Saint Achilles , circa 980-985 . It is a three-aisled basilica with narthex and was for five centuries the episcopal church of Prespa. This is one of the largest basilicas in Greece . The island of Saint Achilles has long been the center of events " Prespeia " with major concerts attended by visitors from all over Greece . The " Prespeia " held each year in the last ten days of August .

The Prespa Lakes accommodate nature lovers , amateur fishing , artistic photography as well as mountaineering , mountain biking and adventure with 4x4 ratio of huge mountains that surround and supply water . From the village of Agios Germanos starts a dirt road or 4x4 which is unknown to many and leads to the village Akritas through the Massif Varnounta and ski Viglas - Pissoderi . On the sandy beach of Koula in Prespa one can swim, canoe do - kayaking and rowing. In the taverns of the area visitors can sample pond fish ( carp , roach , Branagh ) , fine local meats , pickles , cheese , beans and wonderful wine and raki .

Prespa regarding staying there hostels , hotels and apartments in Aghios Germanos , the Fishermen in Mikrolimni , Portal , San Achilles , the guerrilla , the back, neck , etc. Traditionally these settlements are typical examples of local architecture .