Florina, known in antiquity as Heraclea Lygkistidas, findings of which are located on the hill of Agios Panteleimon, founded in 352 BC by Philip II.

In the town of Florina and the surrounding villages on the eve of Christmas on December 23 bonfires in order to "ward off evil spirits," custom that goes back centuries. Traditionally, these bonfires were lit with stolen wood and preparation began long ago. Around the Fire in the feast and feast and all the people involved and too many tourists.

In the historic city center, the visitor has the opportunity to visit the Archaeological Museum, the Art Gallery Floriniotes Artists and the Museum of Contemporary Art, and wander the cobblestone streets and admire the mansions preserved urban center. It is also the city of artists, with many artists originate from it.


The visitor Florina will be compensated for the lonely and uphill road that went through to reach the extremity of Greece where for centuries remained Greek and resist any threat of enemies. The history, the traditions , the strong Christian sentiment and the hospitality of its people, the mountainous sites , lakes, and countless villages - unique and interesting things will reward anyone who met and eventually love .

Starting from the capital city of Florina know a place where they are not expect . A walk on the river Sakouleva , with numerous workshops by local artists, among Makedonitika and neoclassical houses, and Sunday Divine Liturgy at the Metropolitan Church of St. Panteleimon offer a first glimpse of the Florina last and current century .

The riverside area of ​​the town (old Florina ) was the historical , commercial and social center for many years before . The harmonious symbiosis of traditional Makedonitikon - neoclassical house was a traditional residential complex east of the city at the museum , near station OSE will confront the history of the Hellenistic - Byzantine years and feel Greekness that has taken root deep inside of his years Maximum Commander of the Greeks until Alexander MAKEDONOMACHON Pavlos Melas and his epic 1940 .

On the streets you will encounter master sculptures Dogouli , squid etc. The farmer's market every Wednesday to shop knitted candles , traditional agricultural products of the region (strawberries , apples , pears , tomatoes , peppers , beans Prespa , potatoes , chestnuts , fish limnisia raki, pepper , sour water , wines Amyntaiou , refreshments Florina Mr. a ) and jars of sweet Florina ( spoon - jellies ) .

The nature of each season offers something special and generously keeps its own unique characteristics and colors . In winter , the white snowy landscapes . During spring and summer green forests , colorful flowers but mostly cool climate. Autumn in a riot of colors one can enjoy the variety of colors from green trees gradually turn brown red , orange and yellow to be fyllovolisoun and bare branches to welcome the first winter snow

The city's history

                    Η Ελληνιστική πόλη της Φλώρινας στο λόφο του Αγίου Παντελεήμονα (4ος αιων. π.Χ.)

The Hellenistic city of Florina in the hill of St. Panteleimon ( 4th Century BC.)

¨ The existence of Florina beginning at least from 10,000 BC mountain of NORTH (former Pella ) , where he lived the god of wind VOREAS , while the valley Sklithrou - Lechovou was done by the fall of blood in the period of conflict Gods - Titans ¨.


The earliest human activity in Florina as this time according to archaeological excavations placed in the middle Neolithic Period (5800 - 5300 BC , settlements Armenochoriou , Melitis , St. Panteleimon , Holy Anargiron , Varikou ) .

In the Bronze Age (3100 - 1050 BC ) and Iron habitation increases the basins of Florina Amindeon

Early Bronze Age : Upper Kleines , Aim, Hills , Victory , Palaestra , Kladorachi , Passage , St. Barthelemy , Valtonera .
Late Bronze Age : Beech - Mikrolimni , Triangle , Florina , Papagianni Neohori Stones .
Iron Age : Stones, Eagle, Variko Vegora , Limnochori , Gorge , Palestra , St. Panteleimon ) .
       The lack of archaeological evidence in Florina for the classic era compensate the information of historical sources ( TH137 Herodotus , Thucydides 4 , 124-128 , 7326 Strabo , Diodorus 16.4 ) of which testified that the second half of the 5th century . BC the region was ruled by the Royal House of Lygistidioton that mythical roots date back to Corinth .

       Lygistida named after the mythical hero of the Lynx : Lynx bloodthirsty mammal - Lygkos - Lynx . The Royal House of Lygistidioton had Arravaio king , father of Princess Eurydice , who was the mother of King Philip II of Macedonia .

       In 352 BC Philip II builds Heraclea in Lygistida which will become a fortress in the Northern and Western enemies of Macedonia . Alexander the Great followed many Florina and many were leaders . Famous Lygistida the class , ie the group of military Lygistidioton .

       In 148 BC Macedonia was subjugated by the Romans and Florina belongs to the fourth local governor and 48 BC burned by the Romans during the Roman civil wars ( Caesar - Pompey ) , the Roman general Domitius , friend of Caesar .

      During the Byzantine period, the area under the eastern states with the whole Greece and the Balkan Peninsula and South church to the Pope of Rome , as the 731m . C., so that Leo III the Isaurian subjugated to the throne of Constantinople ( Theophanes the 410.4 )

      During the 10th AD are heavy fighting in the area between the Bulgarian Tsar Samuel and Emperor Basil II of Macedon , the apokleithentos Voulgaroktonou . Samuel founded state with its capital initially Prespa and Ohrid after , conducted raids in southern Greece and carrying the sacred relics of Saint Achilles , in 980 AD from Larissa , the namesake of the small island of Lake Prespa , which carrying ten thousand Thessalians , to cultivate the place, after the defeat to Spercheus river by General of the Kingdom of Voulgaroktonou , Nikiforos Heaven.

     In the 13th century the Florina under the dominion of Arta , about 1204 . In 1259, the Empire of Nicaea , in 1331-1353 the Serbs of Stephen Dusan Krali . In 1371, Mark Kral , son of Dusan and in 1385 Sultan Murad A gripped the area and began the period of Ottoman rule until November 1912 .

     In the Ottoman period Florina referred more than 35 to 40 times in documents ( decrees ) sultans , viziers and local ruler named Filorina or Florina , written in Turkish and Greek . In the late 17th century passes in the Ethnapostolos Kosmas of Aetolia . In 1700 AD acts in the first in our history during the Turkish occupation , the armatole Tsolakis or Meintanis . The 1822 act guerrilla and occupy narrow Arnissa and Vora . Florina had armatolikia always , until 1821 , in Key , Vevi , Kelli , Pisoderi , Trivouno etc. Florina gave friendly. In the central square of Florina , Turkish notables hung 9 , 1821 . In 1867 he founded in Florina New Friendly Society chaired by the Director of Schools to prepare the revolution of 1978 which lasted 10 months. To 1881 Captain Naoumis kidnap Kaimakam Florina and the fact becomes legend and songs . In 1897 Captain Kottas , first Macedon famous as " the eagle Korestia " establish guerrilla body against the Turks and Voulgarokomitatzidon . The 1904 comes Pavlos Melas and begins the final phase of armed struggle . On November 7, 1912 after 527 years of slavery is released from Florina Greek Army.

     During the First World War , thousands of allied soldiers in Florina , of all races , creeds and colors , launched the victorious offensive against the Bulgarian and 18 September 1916 occupied Florina, which for a month had enemies .

     In the Second World War , the first win of 1940 , the Allies saw and felt in front of Florina, Prespa and especially saturated. Light of hope was not only to curb the Italians on the border line , but the November 1, 1940 , the heroic 33 SP Florina the first counterattack of the conquered area more than 10 km , releasing many alvanokratoumena villages of Macedonia . On 6 April 1941 , however , the Germans invade and then occupy the area . During the German occupation, many villages were burned and many Florina executed by the Germans. On 1 November 1944 the Greek Army releases Florina . Then the Civil War broke out (1947 - 1949) where on February 12, 1949 was " The Battle of Florina " which was the beginning of the end of the civil war.

A "romantic view" of Florina

Perhaps, the great variety of soil prefecture of Florina , is the cause that has created manpower nice, polite , tight-lipped , rich in feelings , facing each neighbor as himself , and is by nature friendly , straight , perhaps with some krypsinoia because of eternal isolation , which originates from the permanent exclusion from the surrounding areas.
Perhaps, this pushes the Florinioti in a natural outbreak of finding and invention issues and situations , discussions and dreams , satisfying your inner self, to clean his own resources , such as kolokotroneiko knife for making flute or crook and other such timers including , which are masterpieces of folk art and show the size of the thin aesthetic that characterizes him as the handmade horses , donkeys , cars , airplanes , all symmetrical and elegant , which are the games their children giomizontas the expression , movement, creation , joy unspeakable and impetus for our own creation while the other practically for his work as the crook , and useful for the artistic outburst as the flute , which is on the lips of not just hymn to the Most High , and to satisfaction of needs and mental peculiarities , like the dance of possibilities , but also the performance of team affairs that makes us all in Florina to monologue : '' kind and let us dance our fasting .''

How not to boast artistic plektokeria for joy or sorrow necessities , which show artistic flair , appeal and presence , not only of their creators , and consumers who choose to taste and unique style for their needs and social presences . The same is done when they make themselves and their own wine, homemade raki , the sweet liqueur with cherry or walnut or cherry , or whatever else cook up clever Floriniotissa housewife , who is unique in her work : food , pies , sweet , but above all beautiful and unique people . Really how many owe ! This is why all and in all of this .
But as a marketer of Florina , there may not be yeast This humanity , that of Floriniotissas behind it.
Thin , gentle, precise, clean wins in the presence of the general, but , with the beauty shows and has developed through the excess , and offer everyone the beautiful, intelligent and unique presence of his store of showcase, its movements , the individuality , personality make him known and respected in the society of our small city , not only by such intense delicacy, knowledge of commercial presence and supply but and aesthetic requirement and taste.
Why trader is Florina and connoisseur of fashion , that follows below, and from the Ottoman Empire yet, offering fashion items , beautiful , fairly and wisely, without tsirimonies and big words . It is honest and exponent of each today , bluntly and responsibly and with the weight of knowledge.
To give and to give satisfaction and joy to everyone.
Why should you come to shop , everyone, and leave happy and satisfied .
Why so we grew our ancestors , so the transfer . We have a choice .
Happy to be here we are with what we buy from our tenants . What to do !
Our people are happy , he knows to be carried , to merry , laughing , crying when needed , for joy or regret it , because the area of the thin and soft green of nature, beautiful and nonexistent elsewhere , soothes, delights and resurrecting , because the oxygen you breathe - and is excess oxygen in our place - transports you to other worlds seemed to set in this area , in Florina and our region , or do two steps forward and backward , or turn your head , feel the inspiration, nostalgia for the original and show that gives you the harmony of the environment . Where to magnetize and the consubstantial do . That's why you meet everywhere in our artists.

Why meet and see something else in the picture, color , feeling and impression , show that the joyful and Monologues : Thank you Lord for every moment that I can give away to enjoy . Grant them to enjoy the other . Rejoice , rejoice and see my place in both distant and near our beautiful and unique, which will satisfy .
Because as you find yourself up there in compatible and towering mountains, the gigantic , as if nailed , trees , and their own whispers , offering and presence in that crazy , in any era thoreis , inlaid , fragrant , once , and Zombie before, but full of mystery and life , huh! and then as you are face to face with the Creator , and feel bound by the goodness size, after you see and enjoy around you , everywhere , plains , rivers , lakes , buildings , cities and villages and listens to the messages of nature , on the horizon unique and vast, varied and fragrant , who exudes and unconsciously , hovering on the spot , you feel not only the splendor and attraction of uniqueness that live but live speechless . Vouvainesai . Because everything is pristine . Tractive because it is magical .
And gazing this mighty magic, feel it is not only yours. The share . Is the opposite , the neighbor and foreigner . See his. Tri-State communication . Bouncy once , now near , and peaceful now . Yours and theirs. All of us. Ours. Why we love and love us . To love . To live quiet and peaceful. Neighbors , friends , we all .
This place , we invite you to see , to enjoy , as we rejoice always place our small moments each having its own beauty and presence . The stigma of . For this , not surprised if your asking you to visit us you respond :
If you come in Florina , twice weeping , when one will come and when it leave. Pick your crying .
Florina , waiting to give you rich , excess heart, everyone , everything and anyone to ' yes : poet , painter , sculptor , foodie , environmentalist, hiker , climber , drudge , but , though a researcher or scientist , and just - just man , traveler or love with Florina and her own . Have for all Florina . For those who listen and better for those who live. Increasingly something will receive , will be happy , you taste , you feel .
Welcome to Florina . It is ours and yours. Of all. Why Florina love . In equal and excess. Friends , fellow humans ... waiting for you to laugh , cry , and- if you will- to live together.

Education in Florina

Florina is the city of the arts . Decades is the reference center of cultural creation of the West . Macedonia .

Already , the first Teaching was the spiritual position in the region. Thousands of teachers and preschool teachers who remember with nostalgia their student years in Florina. Why not just here founded their professional training, not only stood here and given the enafsmana educate thousands of children , and passed beautiful and carefree days in the beginning . Gave the baton to new students who continue the tradition , educated and enjoy life in a vibrant city.

With three sections of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Elementary Education , Preschool and Balkan Studies - and three other sections of the TEI West . Macedonia - Crop Production, Animal Production and Marketing of Agricultural Products and Standardization - students in Florina give impetus and youthful rhythm to daily life . And the people , in return, offer generously culture and the arts . The visual arts , literature and music are for Florina , what and oxygen . All their artistic creations transcend not only beyond the county and Greece . From end to end of the world , from America to Australia and from Sweden and Germany as South Africa and the offspring of Florinioti families , with sculptures , paintings , writings and theatrical and musical creations make Greece known to the ends of the earth.

Sport in Florina

There are many sports in which they excelled Florina , and made ​​me proud all Greeks. And it is no coincidence as there are many associations working in the nursery and are champions :

  Gymnastics Association of Florina ( G. E. F.) , with groups of fencing , basketball , volleyball , track and field , women's soccer starring team " Fylliriakou " which boasts many awards with the main highlight as champions Greece in 2000 . the Group Fencing ( O.XI.F. ) , the Sports Oplomachitikos Group , the Association of Greek Climber Florina ( Climbers Association ) , the Greek Society (E. C. S.) and Ph. D. C. F . , the Skiers Club Climber ( S. GOC ) , the Culture Club Florina archery , the " AMYNTAS " Amyntaiou lots handball and basketball , the " ARGAIOS " Filota

Recent expatriates from the former Soviet Union created the Athletic Association ; Amyntaiou " The PHILIPPOS " with lots of karate , tae - kwon -do , wrestling , gymnastics , KA The pride however is Judo with amazing performances in national and international competitions

Sports Centres Prefecture is embedded in the " ATHENS 2004 " as a pre-Olympic preparation areas ( fencing , weightlifting , judo ) for both Greek Olympic teams , as well as for foreign athletes.