Vegoritis winery founded in 2005 by Bosco Christos and Yiannis Boutari is a continuation of the limited company that bore the same name and was created by John Boutari the '90s, a time when concerns Yiannis Boutari found fertile ground in vineyards area Amyntaiou namely on the north shore of Lake Vegoritidas, above the village of St. Panteleimon in an old winery - distillery which was founded in the mid- 70s by villagers .


In 1999 the site was fully modernized in terms of facilities , tanks and mechanical equipment and created a modern winery .

Alongside the branded wines Yianni SA , the winery produced everyday wines Vegoritis EU called " good " on packaging bag in box and " mill " for in bottles 187 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, produced from grapes from our vineyards and winegrowers collaborated .
In the basement of the winery tasting room works and audiovisual presentation on the production characteristics of the vineyard Amindeon and history , while presentation of the company's products . Guests tour possible and within production areas .