In 1954 he founded the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives ( EAS ) Amyntaiou , which consists of 27 primary cooperatives , ie 2,250 natural members . In 1959 he founded the winery of EAS , as one of the main activities of the Union. The following year in 1960 comes the first red wine after successful trials and experiments available in the local market and ... passes into history. The very next year ( 1961 ) expands the market outside Amyndeo .
Since 1965 that was popular retsina in our country , the NDP decided to get into the production process with satisfactory results .
Five years later , in 1971 a new idea was born at the winery : the future is champagne with time gaining ground . Based xinomavro made ​​the first efforts for wine white wine . In autumn 1990 the first white in Greece from Xinomavro bottled and released , while in 1996 a unique quality product , exceptional flavor and taste is born : " the selected vineyards ."


The winery is open to visitors of EAS . During the tour , visitors can see the entire winemaking and bottling areas . At the end of the route , visitors can see and the place where aging driven by better harvests .

Finally there is a tasting room where visitors can taste all the wines of the winery and monitor procedures winemaking DVD and a gift shop where visitors can buy rare vintages