The artistic career of Theo Angelopoulos is characterized by international recognition and top honors . His films have participated in important international festivals , winning the major awards , including the Palme d'Or at Cannes, Gold and Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival , FIPRESCI numerous awards and two awards Felix for Best European Film . Two of his films , "O Troupe " and "To Ulysses Gaze " are included in the 100 best films of all time . Theo Angelopoulos , the director , set as few global cinematic language and , arguably , o Greek director with greater international acceptance.
For the Beekeeper , Landscape in the Mist , The Suspended Step of the Stork , and Ulysses' Gaze landscape of Florina is the obsession of the director in some individual areas with strong historical resisting the passage of time . With the structure and function but also form these spaces are converted to "places " those who accept human activity , but to change their substance but fail in the end to maintain the desired depth history .

Movements of people always need the ' station ' as the interstitial space and thereby focusing the river Sakouleva , director at Meteor step of the stork transformed with sceneries of the entire landscape into a " station " where people are perpetually moving beyond their national identity motives and purpose , determined by this intersection, a poetic essence of the intersection where the site allows for the " crossing ", the " stay " ( albeit temporary) nomads , migrants , refugees , exiles , traders crossing the Balkans to meet these "islands of memory " necessary for the understanding of a continuous temporal and geographical reality.
The transformed by scenes of Mike Karapiperi and Achilles Stojan (for purposes of the film ) Sakoulevas next to existing buildings at the time of the river today brings to mind the existence and status of different sites of the small urban city where our inside them Angelopoulos identified and activated the temporal dimension and active historicity sneaking silent " many " years to bring out as a modern and primary , but also unprecedented and yet our native and a director owe the "discovery " of archaikotitas historic landscape and yet his poetic personality and presence .