The Roof FILOTECHNO Florina starts work in 1975 focusing action of the visual arts of the country in a geographical corner that had an artistic peculiarity that today everyone recognizes . Initial thoughts on the creation of a remarkable collection attribute thanks to the efforts of Professor of School of Fine Arts Athens sculptor Dimitri squid. Initiators and pioneers with Dimitris squid, the Florina artists: steric Koula Elias Byzantine Themis Milossis Costakis Loustas , Nicholas Dogoulis , Claus Kyrkos , Dimitris Bessas Thanassis Minopoulos , Yiannis Antoniades , George Cora , Michael Basil and art lovers as citizens by : Paul Stefanidis , Panagiotis Giasimakopoulos , Tsokos Nicholas , George Lavasidis , Gregory Karafillis , Spyros Alexidis Dimitrios Tsoukas , Dimitrios THOIDOU Basil Vagourdis Anastasios Kingdom etc.

In 1977 a small number of works from the National Gallery inaugurated the Museum of Contemporary Art in a house the Agricultural School and the next year , four teachers of Greek art , N. X '' Kyriakos Gikas, D. Mitaras, P. Tetsis , and D. Kokkinidis exhibit their works . This report specifies and marks since the framework and actions the Museum main intention is to create modern quality . Following collaborations with major artistic centers of the country and in the halls of the Museum presents the works of major contemporary Greek artists.

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      Since the establishment of yet Roof FILOTECHNO Florina launches the institution of Symposia in an effort to bring together art lovers of the city with the "classical art " and modern visual searches . In 1985 the House of virtuoso Florina founded the Artists Gallery Florina hosting the works of Florina Artists integrating so the action of the local and artistic creation . Since 1993 the Gallery Artists Florina housed in a traditional building OSE which recently serviced and is now ready to present its collection of 120 works. At the same time , the establishment of the Art Library now numbers 6,000 volumes and visual function of the Art Workshop , makes the museum one of the most important provincial arts centers oriented to modern requirements of such an area where parallel stresses and leverages its educational character .

      In 1995 , the museum acquired the collection " Homage to Greco " formed by donations Greek artists to acquire the project "St. Peter " by El Greco from the National Gallery and so reinforces the contemporary nature of the Museum's collection with 137 new projects . The activities carried out continuously for 35 years make the museum better known and thus becomes one of the most important and authoritative visual centers of the country . Among the 600 works numbered in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art are works of major contemporary Greek artists .