Varnountas ( 2.334m . )

The Varnountas located in the northwestern part of the county , on the border with Macedonia . It is the southern continuation of Dove Mountain Monastery. The top of said Gkarvani .

Verno or Vitsis ( 2.128m . )

The highest peak is the Vitsis Vernon . The mountain is located in the western part of the county border with Kastoria and then forms the southeastern mountain Varnounta . The two mountains are separated by crossing Pissoderi . In Verno there are many streams and many beeches and oaks . Start the climb , which takes about three hours from the village to Trim 1,420 meters altitude ( 23km from Florina , 35km . Suede ) .

Triklario ( 1.749m . )

Triklario located in the western part of the county on the border with Albania and by the Small Prespa. It is the west branch of the mountain Varnounta . The main peak is said Barba , while other peaks are Karakoli at 1,689 meters and the Black Ridge at 1,394 meters.

Vora ( 2.524m . )

The Boras is located at the highest part of the county. It is the third highest mountain in Greece .

Buci ( 1.776m . )

The Buci is located on the southwestern edge of the Florina Prefecture , bordering the prefecture of Kastoria . It is the southern continuation of the mountain Triklariou . The mountain zebra Crystallopigi is what separates the two mountains . You can go on foot in about two hours from Kristallopigi ( 1,130 m ) , 40 km . from Kastoria .

Tsoutsoulis ( 1.456m . )

The Tsoutsoulis located next to Little Prespa on the border with Albania . You can climb easily Vrontero located at 1,100 meters , 75 km . from Florina .

Devas ( 1.373m . )

The Devas situated between the Great and Little Prespa . You can start a climb from the village gate , which is 860m . within 66km . from Florina .

Source : Travel Advisor GR