Lake Prespa

Tip of the country on the border with Albania and Macedonia . It freshwater lake , the yperthallasio height is 843 meters and the area within Greece is 40 sq. km formed during the Tertiary and the geological background consists of limestones . The maximum length is 26.9 km and its maximum depth is 50 m at " PCT " opposite the village fishermen . Receives the waters of Little Prespa , which is connected through a narrow strip of land - the isthmus , in Kula , length 4 m and a width from 200 to 1000 m is significantly deeper than the Small Prespa and communicates with the underground lake located in Ohrid lower altitude . On the banks has ydrofytiki vegetation stubble . Rich and fauna around the lake. The ideal for fishing, hunting , recreation and tourism. Among the most popular areas of the lake for swimming , canoeing - kayaking and rowing is the beach of Koula.


Lake Little Prespa

The area is 43 sq. km and height above sea level is 856 m ( 13.5 m above the Prespa ) . Freshwater lake probably formed during the Tertiary when it was united with Great Prespa. The two lakes separated by Neogene and Quaternary deposits due to adjacent streams . The maximum length is 13.6 km and the N. end of the lead in Albania . The background of the lake consists of limestones , granites and granodiorites and the shores are steep and elsewhere in other flat with reeds , The vegetation is ydrofytiki , wet meadows , reedbeds and ( waders ) bowery . The water used for drinking , irrigation , fisheries , recreation and tourism , but freezing for a long period of time each winter . It is a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention . Place of particular importance for the pelican colonies and breeding grounds as the herons and cormorants . Here live the otter , from the rarest mammals in Europe , the bear , the wolf , the deer , the fox and sometimes arrives from Albania and no Lynx (rare species like wild cat).